Meet Mid-Atlantic Services Shop Foreman John Haase

Haase2013When John Haase is asked about what he’s building in the shop at Mid-Atlantic Services, his face lights up. He describes the specs of a new piece of spraying equipment and the high-tech electronics that make it perform. John clearly loves his work, and smiles easily as he recounts his history with the company.

A Cecil County native, John graduated from high school in 1984 and joined the Army National Guard. After basic training, John spent some time doing construction work. Building homes, doing roofing and siding, he was always putting things together, creating something new. His next stop was working at his father’s auto repair shop, a familiar setting, since he was quite used to repairing engines and making things run. After a few years, John was ready for the next challenge. In 1995, he joined Mid-Atlantic Services (MAS) where he began welding and fabricating equipment in the shop, building sprayers, and figuring out how to make the equipment do more in less time.

John fit right in to the “solving problems” culture at Mid-Atlantic Services, and quickly showed an affinity for custom work. Hand him a set of blueprints or even a concept of what the client wants to achieve, and he is off and running. Many times he suggests ways to improve on what he is given.

I often say that I give John 80% of what I want and he gives me back 110%.

In the early part of his career, John focused on small utility-type sprayers and repairing older John Blue sprayers. As the technology evolved, he spent more time on larger, more sophisticated sprayers and the electronic components monitoring them. John has become the resident expert on Raven controllers, as well as GPS guidance systems.

In addition to fabricating sprayer equipment, John said that MAS is known for having good technicians. “Many of the big companies don’t have the time, knowledge or experience to help customers on a one-on-one basis. We take the time to listen, hearing and understanding what they are trying to accomplish, and then we recommend the best solution for their situation.”

Now shop foreman, John eagerly accepts new assignments. He and his team build each sprayer, carefully fabricating parts, installing components and running quality assurance checks. When it’s time for delivery, John often meets with the customer to demonstrate the equipment, including the electronics. Teaching the owner how to operate the equipment is all part of the deal.

“I’ve spent 18 years at Mid-Atlantic Services because I work with a great bunch of people and we take a lot of pride in what we do.” John continued, saying, “Every day is different. We will build anything the customer needs. Sometimes we have to figure out how to create a custom piece that can do what they want it to do. When it all works and the customer is happy, that’s very satisfying.”


One response to “Meet Mid-Atlantic Services Shop Foreman John Haase

  1. John is a magician with the welder, able to repair anything that we’ve presented him with. Thanks for the good work!

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