Corn Planting on Delmarva

Corn planting is all but completed on Delmarva and the rest of the mid-Atlantic region. Stands look excellent with adequate rain fall so far. Currently the push is to finalize full season soybean planting and sidedress the rapidly growing corn crop.

Here at Mid-Atlantic Services we have enjoyed our best year of record sales on the Blu-Jet AT3000 All Terrain injection applicator. This field proven unit has been responsible for more than its share of acres sidedressed in the last few years. Equipped with high capacity 1025 gal elliptical tank and toolbars up to 17 30” rows, growers are able to cover acres as never before. Heavy duty coulters with 1200 pounds of down pressure cut through trash and stubble while disturbing little soil.

We are seeing ground speeds of 6 to 9 miles per hour and the large 12.4 x 38” tires are keeping soil compaction to a minimum. Dependable CDS-John Blue metering pumps insure complete accuracy and simplicity of application. The massive 7 x 7 three or five section toolbar provides strength and ultimate flexibility for uneven fields. New units were assembled and delivered last week.

We not only build and sell these units, but we use them, too, so we know first-hand how they operate. The Blu-Jet AT3000 high acreage precision applicator is designed and built to rugged standards, and delivers on its promise.



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